Complaints and Disputes regarding the ACM Group

Do you wish to lodge a complaint about dissatisfaction experienced regarding the ACM Group?

Please follow the instructions below if you would like to lodge a complaint with ACM Group LTD.  ACM Group strives to handle your comments and complaints in a professional manner to ensure your satisfaction.

ACM Group will investigate all complaints and disputes and resolve them promptly. If necessary, ACM Group will change its policies and procedures to ensure a high level of performance and service, and to avoid the recurrence of issues leading to complaints.

If you have reason to believe that ACM Group have breached your privacy rights we request that you raise this with the ACM Group Privacy Officer. This can be done by e-mail as shown below or mail to L3, 287 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.

ACM Group Complaints and Disputes Procedure

ACM Group comprises Accounts Control Management Services Pty Ltd and Advanced Credit Management Pty Ltd. The Group’s entities use the same systems and we are always seeking to ensure that our businesses and staff hold themselves to the highest standards. To ensure that your complaint or dispute is addressed in an appropriate standard and in a timely manner, ACM Group has in place a formal internal complaint and dispute handling process.

ACM Group Complaints and Dispute Standards

The following outlines the manner in which ACM Group will address your complaint.

Our Standards

  • Address all complaints and disputes seriously and thoroughly.
  • Ensure a fair resolution of any complaints and disputes for you and for ACM Group.
  • Provide reasonable timeframes for the resolution of complaints and disputes based on the nature of the complaint.
  • Resolve all complaints and disputes in a timely manner and where possible keep you informed of progress.
  • Monitor and audit complaints and disputes in line with the company’s Risk Management policies.
  • Ensure that the procedures and processes are modified or improved, if required, eliminating or minimising such matters occurring in the future.

Lodging Your Complaint

To ensure we can resolve complaints and disputes as fairly and as quickly as possible we need certain details and information from you in a signed written request. We request that you provide the following:

  • Your full name and contact details, including postal address.
  • Where applicable your ACM Group Reference Number or account details.
  • Names of any ACM Group staff or other body involved in the matter.
  • Any relevant dates and times.
  • Clear and concise details as to the nature of complaint or dispute.
  • What you would like to see happen.

Please address the details of your complaint to:

The Compliance Manager
ACM Group Ltd
Level 3, 287 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Other ways to lodge your complaint

Phone+61 1800 081 704
Facsimile+61 2 9025 6324

Do you or someone you know have trouble using the telephone due to a disability?
Find out about the National Relay Service – contact their help desk from 9am to 5pm on:
TTY 1800 555 630 | Voice 1800 555 660 | Fax 1800 555 690


For all Complaints and disputes our goal is to reach an amicable resolution. However, should you not be satisfied with the resolution of our internal process you can contact the Credit Ombudsman Service which is an external dispute resolution organization. ACM Group is a non-bank member of the Credit Ombudsman Services which is approved by ASIC and ACCC.

Fraud concerns

If you believe that somebody attempted to scam you by posing as a debt collector from the ACM Group we encourage you to contact us immediately.  Our debt collectors are able to confirm that they are employed by the ACM Group.  If you suspect that the person calling you is committing fraud you can contact us using the phone number listed above.  By informing the ACM Group of any suspected scam/fraud you are helping us to take action to ensure that we are able to address the issue properly.

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